Assisting clients realize their missions

Our mission is to assist our clients in creating and expanding their business in a flexible manner that meets their business goals. We do not apply business theories and strategies to our client's problems but help to solve them according to their unique issues and resources.

On the other hand, we keep having a third party viewpoint on our clients' self-judgments as well as identify issues, prepare options for solving problems, and identify risks from an objective perspective.

Why choose us?

We present evidence and propose logical solutions based on our consultants' actual experience in successfully implementing projects in companies.

Also, we provide services that make it easy to visualize "what to improve and how to improve it" rather than vaguely "improving the company".

Businesses can expand

by clarifying vague business issues and solving them.

Boston, USA Office

Aya Anna Nishizuka

-Suffolk University MBA(2021)

-MA Real Estate Salesperson

Yokohama, Japan Office

Aya Anna Nishizuka

Akitsugu Hiwatashi

-ARES Certified Master (Master in Securitization of Real Estate)

-CFP (Certified Financial Planner)  

-1st grade Certified Skilled Professional of Financial Planning

Real Estate Transaction Specialist

-Judicial Scrivener

-Administrative Scriveners

-Authorized for brief court litigation representation-related services

-Family Trust Specialist

-2nd grade Certified Skilled Professional of Financial Planning


Business Operations and Expansion

Twofold Consulting is a business consulting firm based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, and Yokohama, Japan. We are a trusted business partner for clients, especially in their early stages of business development and expansion. Our advantage is providing flexible resources to meet clients' business challenges. The name "Twofold" implies that we are committed to doubling our clients' resources or business by providing them with the support they truly need instead of imposing business theories.


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Boston, USA Office

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Yokohama, Japan Office

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